Models from CT Data, Stereolithography

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“Today, our enormous investment in science and research is our evidence of our faith that science can not only make man richer — but science can make man better (Lyndon B. Johnson, 1967).”

Stereolithography is that type of science. The stereolithography process is a rapid prototyping method which allows the fabrication of anatomically accurate, 3-dimensional (3D) epoxy and acrylic resin models from various types of data. There are a myriad of data formats that can be used, some of which include those from computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) files, and laser scanners.

 Stereolithography at Dental Implant and Reconstructive Center

2 color model – blue teeth

 Stereolithography at Dental Implant and Reconstructive Centera

Two color model – lower jaw

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