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Blue Fox Dental Technology

Most of the dental work we provide requires us to reconstruct part or all of your occlusion (also known as one’s “bite”). By recording a patient’s unique jaw movements, we can customize the shapes of the new biting surfaces so as to provide maximum comfort, chewing function, and increase the longevity of the new dental work.

Over the past 60-70 years, several recording instruments have been devised to provide this additional jaw movement information, which can then be used to program a fully adjustable articulator like the Stuart or Denar articulators. These mechanical analog instruments work very well, but they are very technique sensitive and laborious to use. Electronic digital recorders, like the Freecorder® BlueFox are now available to acquire much of the same data as with the mechanical recorders, with which we can then program the articulators. These recordings can be done during a much shorter appointment. We use the Freecorder® BlueFox (as well as the mechanical recorders when indicated) in many our cases as an aid in the diagnosis and design of the new occlusion.

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