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Traditional impression materials have served dentists and their patients quite well for decades. The digital world, however, is rapidly making its presence and importance known in this area of dentistry.

The iTero intraoral scanner is an example of how these advanced dental technologies can replace the traditional impression materials and help to increase patient comfort, decrease clinical errors, and reduce the time it takes to complete a case.

Patient Comfort.

Digital impressions eliminate patient discomfort of using impression materials and create highly accurate and detailed 3D digital models. For patients that have problems with gagging, this is very beneficial.

The scans are completed within a short period of time and are ready almost instantly to be sent directly to a dental lab via the internet without the need to pour a model out of dental stone, or the need to pay for shipping.


In addition to increased patient comfort, intraoral scanning is beginning to show consistently better accuracy than traditional impression materials. To our patients, this means better and tighter fitting restorations, and less time in the dental chair to fit the crown, bridge, or denture.

There are fewer adjustments necessary to fit restorations on either natural teeth or on dental implants. In many cases, the restorations are created by milling machines to improve tolerances over what can be produced by laboratory technicians in traditional dental laboratories.

As new digital workflows are developed throughout the dental process, the iTero will enable us to take advantage of the exciting new restorative products now becoming available to us; all of this without having to constantly turn over expensive digital equipment as these technologies continue to evolve. The iTero is well situated to minimize this turn over by generating graphics files, needed to make restorations, in the well-established STL file format.

iTero scanner, advanced dental technology

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